Skills2Work News - April 2018

Skills2Work Bakeries
Building on our experience of bakery projects using wood burning ovens, we have now developed our own bakery 'business in a box' model. The concept takes into account the specific challenges facing bakery entrepreneurs in our poorer communities.
Skills2Work Manna Oven

Following a work readiness and introductory bakery training course, beneficiaries can gain work experience at Nourish bakery (established by Nompumelelo Nqenqa after a S2W / Mama Mimis bakery project) or they can purchase their own oven with interest free repayments as part of our supported framework designed to assist with developing a profitable and sustainable business.

We are most grateful to Dynamic Design & Manufacture for their expertise and generosity in sponsoring the design and manufacture of our bespoke and optimised S2W oven that provides:

- A large 15 loaf oven capacity
- An efficient 'jet oven' design
- Efficient Assembly (minimal tools)
- Ease of use and cleaning
- Optional Supply chain
- Training & support

Second Furniture Making 'KickStart'

KickStart The KickStart programmes seek to include a vocational skills training programme combined with a life skills and 'work readiness' course. We have now repeated this initiative with a carpentry orientated course and plans are underway to include other artisan trade skills linked to specific employment opportunities. Successful graduates of the current carpentry programme move on to specific apprenticeship placements.

Carpentry KickStart

Our second round of Carpentry KickStart beneficiaries have just begun a 3 month apprenticeship at Eco furniture design. On completion, they will be employed by the same company.

We look forward to sharing more news with you in our next newsletter.

The Skills2Work Team


"...Earn your own living, as we told you before. If you do these things, you will re-gain respect for the way you live and you will not have to depend on others for what you need.
- 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12


Thanks to Dynamic Design & Manufacture for their expertise in designing and manufacturing our own S2W 'mana' oven.

Thanks to the Selwyn Trust (UK) who have assisted by sponsoring our Christian discipleship and skills development training programmes.

Thanks to the PicknPay Ackerman Foundation for contirbuting towards the operational costs of our most recent projects.


Stewardship is a UK based charity which facilities accountability and best practice procedures to make giving really easy. They currently assist over 19,000 charitable causes.

Skills2Work has now been included in their referral listings following the registration process and they have included a donation page on their portal at:


It's been a journey, but we can confidently say that we have seen the most success where outcomes for beneficiaries are pre-defined. With this in mind, it is the proven business in box models, in addition to work readiness programmes that operate hand in hand with a future employer that we want to repeat. we intend to introduce an electrical training and apprenticeship programme later this year.


Would you like to help take someone out of unemployment and poverty and give them the opportunity of long-term employment? Email us to request information about how to assist with current projects, mentorship or training costs. UK and Overseas supporters are welcome to make use of our Stewardship fundraising page.

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