KickStart vocational skills training and Bible study programme

A Skills2Work Empowerment Initiative

The KickStart Bible Course is to be completed at the same time as the vocational training and includes a computer based learning component, seminars and practical ministry projects. << Back to KickStart homepage

01. Discipleship principles

Getting a good start as a new believer is important but it is also essential to live in relationship with our Christians. The church is the body of Christ and it is through the relationships with other in the church that we find the teaching, correction, support and encouragement that we need if are to stay strong in the Lord.

The church is described in different way in Scripture. There are 3 main pictures or metaphors used to describe the nature of the church - the body of Christ, the bride of Christ and a temple or building within which God dwells.

These metaphors demonstrate that the church is not just an organisation but something which is fundamental to God's purposes on earth. While it appears weak and full of difficulties (like you and I!) it is a catalyst for the very hand of God in the lives of others. The more we get involved, the more we begin to understand this mystery.

What is the purpose of the five-fold leadership gifts described in Eph 4:11


Consider other spiritual gifts have you seen in action through the church and also the role of the church in society.

Participating as part of the body of Christ in a church also provides spiritual protection and a level of accountability to those in leadership. 1 Cor 5 describes a disobedient member being put out of the church (vulnerable once again to Satan) in the hope that he will be brought back to repentance.

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