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1. John has ______ a book from the shelf.


2. It ______ a sunny day. Let's go to the beach.


3. Can you please ______ me your bicycle ?


4. The train ______ the station in a few minutes.


5. Last year, we ______ a big Christmas party.


6. When my dog is thirsty, it ______ a lot of water.


7. Jack hasn't _______ to his father for a long time.


8. Long ago, there was a young fisherman who loved music. He was too poor to afford a violin or a piano. So he made himself a flute using bamboo and he played beautiful music with it. His name was Karl.


9. We live in a ______ part of town, with hardly any noise.


10. How ______ do you visit your friends in Cape Town ?


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