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Skills2Work is pleased to offer the Retail Ready and Computer Ready preparatory e-learning tutorials and assessment tests.
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Step 2. Work through the Course Assessments and workbooks below.
Step 3. Complete the Assessment Tests when you are ready. We will notify you of your results within 2 week of completion.

'Retail Ready' Course

The Retail Ready course was designed primarily for Mr Price retail opportunities but the material is applicable to all retail related employment where communication, dealing with barcodes, percentages, cash and till point transactions are of primary importance. Please work through the assessment exercises below.

Introductory exercise (numeracy)
Introductory exercise (literacy)

Level-01 (grammar01)
Level-01 (grammar01a)
Level-01 (fractions)
Level-01 (decimals)
Level-01 (percentages & fractions)
Level-01 (percentages & decimals)

Introduction to Money
Introduction to Economics
'Retail Ready' Assessment Tests

Retail Maths
Retail Barcodes
Retail Money
'Computer Ready' Course

The 'Computer Ready' course covers an understanding of the terminology and essential functionality of a Windows based computer. It also deals with the use and handling of different file types and includes an overview of the steps necessary to create a basic website.

Workbook 01 Download
Workbook 02 Download
Workbook 03 Download

Computer Ready Assessment 1
Computer Ready Assessment 2
Computer Ready Assessment 3

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